Handling Personal Injury Claims such as Public Liability, Workplace Injuries, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Medical Negligence and Total and Permanent Disablement Claims across Western Sydney, The Hills District, and beyond.

Your health is one of the most important contributors towards a happy life. We understand that sometimes things can happen to affect your health that are beyond your control. Oftentimes this involves the negligence of a 3rd party.

We’ve handled thousands of personal injury claims for many people across Western Sydney and The Hills District. We’ve worked with the system to get the best possible results for our clients and can do the same for you and the particular situation you are facing, whatever that may be.


Often our client’s personal injury has left them with hefty medical bills and expenses, incurred as the result of someone else’s negligence. Understandably this can be a very stressful and emotional time for the client. You can be assured that we will handle your personal injury claim with the care and consideration that you deserve.

We understand too the emotional toll that the road to recovery can take and we do our best to ensure that as we guide you gently through the process we also make efficient use of our time and resources in order to get a result quickly and painlessly, with the least amount of expense possible for you, our client.

While you focus on your recovery, we will be hard at work negotiating with insurance companies, hospitals, employers and others involved in your claim, to attain the best possible result for your case.

We offer a “no win no fee” service on personal injury claims.

In relation to personal injury we cover the following areas;

  • Public liability
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Medical malpractice and negligence
  • Workplace Injury Claims
  • Total & Permanent

We offer a “no win no fee” service on personal injury claims.

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