Our team of lawyers specialise in Wills & Estates Law, which includes the following areas:-

  • Making a Will
  • Power of Attorney
  • Appointment of Enduring Guardian
  • Estate Planning
  • Probate and Administration
  • Contesting a Will
  • Defending a Will
  • Family Provision Claims
  • No Will – Intestacy
  • Life Insurance & Superannuation

Making a Will

This is the safest way to ensure that once we pass away, our family members are properly provided for, reducing the likelihood of disputes and making our wishes known. It also ensures that the likelihood of any estate disputes is greatly reduced. Our firm is well versed in the creation of sound Wills whether they be a “simple” Will or even the more complex of Wills where there are blended families, minor children and/or testamentary trusts required.

Contesting and Defending a Will (Estate Litigation)

We understand, however, that estate disputes may still arise and we are also there to offer support and legal advice during this time, whilst appreciating that clients require immense sensitivity and compassion following the passing of a loved one. We are highly experienced in family provisions claims (where a claim is made on behalf of a beneficiary not provided for in the Will) and are happy to provide the first consultation free of charge if you are seeking advice in this regard.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is as important for life planning as making a Will. Many people prepare a Will but do not give the same consideration to appointing an attorney until it is too late. Appointing an attorney gives your attorney the legal authority to look after your financial affairs on your behalf. You can appoint an attorney to act for you in a variety of circumstances such as an extended interstate or overseas trip, or for a time when you are no longer able to manage your own affairs.

Enduring Guardian

We note that many clients know the necessity for a Will and a Power of Attorney, however, often, little emphasis is made on planning ahead for their lifestyle or medical decision should they find themselves unable to make their own decisions due to accident or illness. An Enduring Guardian is someone you appoint to make lifestyle, health and medical decisions on your behalf, when you are not capable of making these decisions for yourself. Your Enduring Guardian may make decisions such as where you live, what services are provided to you at home and what medical treatment you receive. Enduring Guardianship only comes into effect if or when you lose capacity and will only be effective during the period of incapacity, therefore, it may never become operational. However, it is a good way to plan for the future, particularly for unforseen situations. Our Principal has post-graduate studies specifically in this area of practice and has a very keen interest in assisting clients to the best of her ability for all of their estate planning requirements.

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